About the podcast

The Geared for Growth property investing podcast was created by Mike out of a desire to provide value to his property investor clients. The idea is to source Australia’s leading property investment experts and find how they and their clients are achieving exceptional results. The podcast is open to anybody interested in learning how to invest and the strategies you can apply to achieve exceptional results. You’ll hear from buyers agents, mortgage brokers, strata managers, accountants and other professionals all sharing their insider knowledge.

Since 2017, we’ve hosted a property investing podcast as a way to give back to our clients, but it’s open to everyone. Each fortnight our MD Mike Mortlock interviews respected movers and shakers within the property investment industry, gathering valuable insights into how to select investment properties and grow your portfolio.

We chat with buyers agents, property and strata managers, lawyers, real estate agents, economists and more to give you the best information to assit you with your wealth creation goals.

Our Host